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Our Mission

PROTON is committed to advancing research and innovation in ocular inflammatory and infectious diseases (OIID) in Singapore. Collaborating with local and international partners, our mission is to pioneer breakthroughs in basic science, clinical applications, and novel therapeutics for the detection, treatment, and prevention of OIID.

Our Vision

We aspire to be a global hub for OIID research, pioneering advancements in understanding, diagnostics, and tailored interventions. Focused on interdisciplinary collaboration, academic excellence, and talent development, we strive to revolutionize the landscape of OIID on a global scale.

What we do ?

Ocular inflammation and infection represent complex conditions that, without proper intervention, can lead to significant vision impairment or even blindness. Recognizing the urgency of advancing research in this critical area, we introduce the program PROTON. PROTON is a pioneering research program designed to foster collaboration among researchers, clinicians, and patients, with the ultimate goal of sharing knowledge, propelling research projects forward, and developing novel treatments to improve the quality of life of our patients.

Join us as we continue to push the boundaries of what is possible, fueled by our dedication to improving the lives of patients around the globe.

Our Research

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

PROTON (Program for Ocular Inflammation and Infection Translational Research) focuses on several key areas of research related to uveitis. These include:

By focusing on these research areas, PROTON aims to advance our understanding of uveitis, improve diagnostic and treatment strategies, and ultimately enhance outcomes for patients affected by this sight-threatening condition."
1. Ongoing Studies:

To participate in PROTON research studies, start by checking your eligibility. Research studies often have specific criteria based on factors such as age, medical history, and type or severity of uveitis. Keep an eye on PROTON's website or other platforms where they announce ongoing research studies. This could include clinical trial registries, academic institutions' websites, or research databases. If you find a study that interests you and for which you meet the eligibility criteria, reach out to the research team at Contact information for study coordinators or principal investigators is typically provided in study announcements. You can email or call them to express your interest and inquire about participation. If the research team determines that you are potentially eligible, they will conduct a screening process to confirm your eligibility. This may involve medical history reviews, physical exams, and diagnostic tests. If you're deemed eligible and still interested, you'll be asked to provide informed consent before participating in the study. Depending on the specific study protocol, participation may involve various activities such as undergoing specific medical procedures, receiving treatments or interventions, completing questionnaires or surveys, and attending follow-up appointments. Make sure you understand the time commitment and requirements before consenting to participate. After participating in the study, you may be asked to attend follow-up appointments or provide feedback on your experience.

2. Propose New Research Studies:

In addition to participating in ongoing research studies, you can also contribute to PROTON's efforts by suggesting new ideas for research studies. PROTON values input from the uveitis community, including patients, caregivers, and healthcare professionals. If you have ideas for new research studies or areas of investigation that you believe could benefit the field of uveitis research, don't hesitate to share them with the research team at Your insights and perspectives can help shape future research directions and priorities, ultimately contributing to the advancement of knowledge and improvements in uveitis care. You can reach out to the research team or participate in patient advisory groups to provide input and collaborate on the development of research initiatives. Your contributions can make a meaningful impact on the research landscape and the lives of individuals affected by uveitis.

Collaborating with PROTON can offer several opportunities for individuals, organizations, and institutions interested in advancing uveitis research and improving patient care. Here are some potential collaboration opportunities:

Overall, collaborating with PROTON offers a platform for multidisciplinary collaboration, innovation, and impact in the field of uveitis research and clinical care. Collaborators interested in exploring partnership opportunities with PROTON are encouraged to reach out to the research team to discuss potential collaborations and shared objectives.

Yes, PROTON often offers research resources and hosts public seminars as part of its efforts to advance uveitis research and engage with the broader community. Here's how PROTON typically provides these resources:

Overall, PROTON's provision of research resources and public seminars reflects its commitment to advancing uveitis research, promoting knowledge dissemination, and fostering collaboration within the scientific community and beyond. Individuals interested in accessing research resources or participating in public seminars hosted by PROTON can visit its website or contact the research team for more information.

Supporting PROTON's research efforts can be incredibly valuable, whether you're a clinician, scientist, patient, or community partner. Here are several ways you can contribute:

1. Clinician or Scientist:
2. Patient:
3. Community Partner:

Regardless of your role, your support and contributions can make a meaningful difference in advancing uveitis research, improving patient care, and ultimately, enhancing the lives of individuals affected by uveitis. Reach out to PROTON's research team to discuss potential collaboration opportunities and ways to get involved.

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